How to Bring Quality Awareness to Your Employees

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Bringing quality awareness to your employees is something you can do in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Bring quality awareness to your employees with help from an accomplished attorney, author and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome! This is HR That Works Don Phin, and today I'm going to answer the question, "How do we bring quality awareness to employees?' And this is a question that's been a challenge for the longest time and perhaps, few people answered better than Dr. Dammy whose unfortunately no longer with us and Dr. Dammy said that quality is job number one. And he basically revolutionize manufacturing in Japan with that approach. You think of the best made car or the highest quality car in the world over the last ten years has been the Lexus. And you hear that their marker is the relentess, relentless pursuit of perfection. That comes right out of Dr. Dammy where we really want to try to do is try to build a perfect car, that's how you generate quality. And what Dammy taught is quality comes on the front side of a situation, not on the back end. So, a dollar spent on quality management on the first 15 percent of the manufacturing process is worth six dollars in poor quality control on the back end of the manufacturing process and that's going to be the same with manufacturing worldwide and it's the same with managing employees. A dollar spent on the first 15 percent of hiring is worth six dollars spent on back end of poor performance. So, how do we bring that awareness to people? Statistics are very helpful so they can see that the dollar spent on front is worth six on the back end . Hey, if we still stay on the back end, how are we going to give anybody raises, how are we going to be profitable; all that kind of thing. The other thing to do is to start dealing with the customers and clients that use your tools, your products, your services and ask them what the distinction is between good customer service and bad customer service; how that affected them, how that make them feel when they get upset, how they treat their family members. I'll finish with this, when it comes to quality, it also includes how you manage people. Knowing the processional impact on the, of the work that you do is how you understand and really appreciate quality. So, I remember talking to a group of roofers in Brooklyn; you know, a bunch of tough guys, roofers in Brooklyn and this big Puerto Rican guy in the back, Edwin was already in tears because we're talking about the processional impacts of the work that we do. And he goes, "You know what, I've been on this kite, guy, new guy's case for the last four weeks and he goes home to three kids everyday and I didn't realize how he's doing." Now, he understands the difference between good quality managing versus bad quality managing because he understands the processional impact. So, that's where you bring in your customers and your clients and to let the employees know this is how your good quality or bad quality has made a difference in our personal lives because we're all motivated to make a difference and if you can tap into that, you'll have employees motivated to engage in quality. Hope that helped, take care.


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