What Motivating Tactics Motivate Employees?

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When it comes to motivating employees, certain tried and true tactics are definitely better than others. Learn about motivating tactics to motivate employees with help from an accomplished attorney, author and speaker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Welcome, this is HR That Works President Don Phin, and today we're going to talk about what tactics help to motivate employees and this is a question I've helped companies answer for many many years now and there's no greater reference to go back to than Maslo's Hierarchy of Needs. Remember Psychology 101, Abraham Maslo. In 1954 he wrote a white paper on The Hierarchy of Needs and he nailed it. Nobody has been able to improve it so at the first level of need that people have is to survive. That may be your entry level employees getting paid a low wage, you're in survival mode, or it might be an executive making $200,000 a year who has put their life right up to the edge financially. So survival is the greatest need for those people, one company does a great job of addressing survival needs is In-N-Out Hamburger that culinary delight out here in California. Basically they know they pay the entry level employees $1.50 an hour to $2.00 more than all the competition, they have much more motivated employees than the entire competition too. Now the second level of need is to have job security. You know, once I'm surviving, I want it to last a little while, what is job security today. I can tell you it's not a union. It's doing a good job with the right attitude where we've got a positive cash flow. So if you want to keep people motivated let them know what a good job is, let them know what a good attitude is and open up the book so they can see the numbers, get the fear out of the way of sharing numbers. Now the third level need, I've taken care of my immediacy, now I want to be part of a tribe, it's about belonging and that's where it really comes to your culture, what type of culture, what type of story, how motivated am I about the group. once we've taken care of our immediate needs with part of a group, now it's all about us, it's about the ego and some of your greatest drivers in organizations have incredible egos especially like in sales. So that's where you've got to feed the ego, give them at a boys, get them in the newspaper, give them a lot of praise, lots of pats on the back. Now at some level you're going to say okay I have fed my ego, now I really want to make a difference and the best way to motivate somebody towards self actualization is letting them know that they make a difference. The only way you do that is you have to have deep conversations with your customers and clients so they understand the difference that you make in these people's life. You understand what you might call a processional impact of the work you do every day. So when we motivate people we have to realize we've got different needs for motivating starting off with survival, security, belonging, ego gratification and at the top of the pile self-actualization, no better way to motivate people than that.


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