Pressure Point Fighting Styles

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Pressure points can be very effective when fighting, so long as you know how to utilize them properly. Learn about pressure point fighting styles with help from a specialist in traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sifu Keith Mazza of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. And right now, we're going to speak about pressure point styles in attacks. I like to begin by going over tools with pressure point fighting, the most popular ones and how to develop them. The first one is that people like to use their fingers, sometimes called Bu Ji or dotting fingers. The next one is the Phoenix eye and the third is the digital thumb. In popularity, the Bu Ji is the most popular. But, until people know how to develop their hands or develop their fingers, the two easiest ones to work with are the Phoenix eye and the digital thumb. Right now we're going to discuss the two different aspects; one for incapacitation and then extra controlling. One is generally for striking and one is for rubbing. So, when it comes to rubbing, you use your hand or your fist to rub on a point. But, for striking, we work with the Phoenix eye, the digital thumb or the Bu Ji. Right now we're going to work on the Phoenix eye. "Rob please face me." So, in defending a straight punch, I'll buy myself some time by striking his body. I release, cover his arms, stabilize it to expose the pressure point that I want to attack which is his temple. I'm going to attack it with the Phoenix eye. So, the key one I attack the temple to capacitate will get him to be delirious, will provide a knockout technique. Now, let's look at pressure points systems of combat, your application when it comes to controlling. We have to first interrupt our opponent's flow. "So Rob please, down punch comes in." I'll interrupt it and I'll distract him, move the arm out of the way to try to fight a further distraction, change hands, roll them over, pressure point behind the elbow, triple hit the tendons, the golgi body. When you press or rub on this narrow point, it sends a stimulus signal to the brain saying the arm is being broken. By doing this, I can control him and take him where I want. This was pressure point fighting and styles. Once again, I'm Sifu Keith Mazza of the Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. If you're interested in what you just saw, please feel free to visit our website Thank you.


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