How to Train Your Lateral Thigh Muscles

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The lateral thigh muscles are needed in almost all sports you could think about playing. Find out how to train your lateral thigh muscles with help from a fitness instructor and yoga teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Chris Zeitler, and I'm with True Body Movement. I'm a fitness and wellness coach and today we're going to talk about how to train our lateral thighs. So lateral thighs are basically outer thighs and in almost all sports you really need strong laterals thighs. So we're going to use the exercise band and the idea with this is to make the exercises a little more challenging to help get those muscles extra toned. So you're going to step on the exercise band and bend the knees. Make sure you're in the middle of the exercise band and you're going to actually take the handles and we're going to slide them underneath the bottom band. So you're going to pick this band up with your fingertips, take these handles, loop them underneath and back towards your body. So you make basically a little loop around both feet. Now you also notice I get to use my arms here so bend the arms, get your biceps working and what we're going to do is what's called the band walk and the band walk happens when you bend your knees and you take a big step to one side or the other. So we're going to start going to the left, take a big step and then bring your feet together and then a big step and then bring your feet together. Now we're going to do the same thing the other way, take a big step and bring your feet together. Now as you pull out, these muscles get very very strong from the resistance of the band trying to keep your legs together. So one more time, big step, together, big step, together and then we'll come back, one more time, big step, together, big step together. Now you can do 10 to 15 of those in one direction if you've got enough space and then come back or if you're in a smaller place you can do five one way and five the other but just make sure you get enough that you start to really feel those legs working. Now another way you can do this, say you were in a very small spot and you don't have a lot of room to walk, what you can do is hold these positions with your arms and just lift your leg out to the side, lift your leg out to the side. You can put both handles in one hand, put one hand on the hip for a little more stability, lift your leg, come back in, lift your leg, come back in. So these are two great exercises you can use the band to tone your thighs with or say you don't have one of these, you can take your legs doing almost the same position without the band, hands on the hips and lift your leg out and down and out and down. The nice thing about this is you can transition from side to side a little easier. We call these pendulums where you swing out, come down, swing out, come down. You can even do these in an aerobic setting where you swing back and forth moving your legs and getting your heart working too. So okay, so those are three different exercises. The other version that you can do here which I actually like the best is a kick boxing move where you sit down into a squat and then you extend your leg out to the side and your arms and then you come down into a squat and lift your arms and legs out to the side. Now the idea here is as you sit into the squat you tone your legs and as you extend out you tone your legs so you get two for the price of one. So, once you've figured out your combination, you can do them in any order you like, you want to make sure you finish with a good stretch. Now these muscles are very very important to have loose and agile. So my favorite stretch is to take your left ankle, place it over your right knee, this is called a figure 4, it kind of looks like a 4, right? You're going to sit down into your hips. Make sure you sit back and the idea is to stretch out that outer thigh that you just worked. So sit down, nice deep stretch. If you're having trouble with balancing, maybe you're at the beach like me you don't have anything to grab onto, always keep something handy like a chair or a wall so that you don't fall over. Again, stretch at the end, you can do both sides, take the left ankle over the right knee, sit back and feel that nice stretch in the outer hip. So this is Chris Zeitler with True Body Movement giving you some tips on how to train those lateral thigh muscles. Have a great day, make sure you stretch and warm up with every workout.


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