Are Weights, Aerobics or Pilates the Best Way to Lose Weight?

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Weights, aerobics and Pilates are often bandied about as great ways to lose weight. Find out if weights, aerobics or Pilates are the best way to lose weight with help from a fitness instructor and yoga teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Zeitler. I'm a personal trainer and a fitness and wellness coach with True Body Movement. Today's topic is actually the question that I hear quite often from clients and students which is what is the best way to lose weight, working with weights, Pilates or aerobics? Now each one of these training styles has a wonderful benefit, actually many benefits. We'll start with Pilates. Pilates has become very popular in the past 20 years and Pilates is designed to actually contour the body, do a lot of lengthening exercises, you do a lot of core strengthening exercises and Pilates is really powerful for shaping your body. Now Pilates is also really well known for helping people rehab from injuries because it's done a lot on the floor or with special machines to protect the body. Another method for losing weight is actually to use weights. So free weights can be used to build muscle and when you build muscle you actually increase your basal metabolic rate which is a mechanism for burning more calories all the time. So the formula right now is if you put a certain amount of muscle on, if you increase your muscle mass overall, you can burn up to 15 percent more calories per day on average with more muscle. So that is a very effective way to increase your calorie burn. The final method that we want to talk about today is aerobics. Now aerobics are generally designed to increase your cardiovascular strength, so your heart and your lungs are trying to get stronger, you're trying to make your body more efficient. So with this, you're actually burning calories every time you do aerobics, your calorie burn comes up quite a bit, especially if they're intense aerobics but the concept here is that over time with a lot of aerobics you actually build muscle and build the amount of calories that you're burning on a regular basis. The bottom line though is for the most part aerobics is going to give you more benefits overall. You get the advantage of building muscle, you get the advantage of burning a lot of calories while you do the actual aerobics and then finally overall, doing aerobics on a regular basis can help control your appetite, give you a better attitude and hopefully convince you to continue your program on a regular basis, therefore, hopefully losing weight in the long run. This is Chris with True Body Movement, fitness and wellness coach. Enjoy your workouts.


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