How to Increase Muscle Endurance in Legs

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You can increase muscle endurance in your legs in a number of different ways depending on your personal preferences and your available resources. Increase muscle endurance in your legs with help from a fitness instructor and yoga teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Chris Zeitler. I'm with True Body Movement. I'm a fitness and wellness coach and today I'm here to actually teach you some techniques to help build muscle endurance in your legs. Now you need muscle endurance or stamina in your legs because almost all sports require that kind of long term strength to get through any particular sport, maybe tennis, soccer, basketball, usually go for at least a half an hour, sometimes up to an hour or more running or doing some kind of physical movement with your legs. So today we're going to go through some exercises that will help you strengthen the leg muscles and teach them to last longer in all these various sports. So the key component here is going to be a lunge and a lunge is basically set up where you take a nice wide stance and you want to position your toes so both toes face forward. Now when you drop down into a lunge I want you to think about just going straight down so you're not going to lunge forward even though it sounds like you should lunge forward, you want to go straight down as if you're on a horse carousel and you're on that post, you want to go straight down and straight up. Now what we're going to do is we're going to take a lunge one step further and we're going to do what's called the walking lunge. Now walking lunge is the same as a regular lunge in that you drop straight down but what we're going to do is actually take it to a moving position where you take this back leg, bring it up and then step forward and do a lunge with the other leg forward and then we're going to take one more big step up and then down into the other side. Now this is what we call a walking lunge or we can add one more dimension, I'm going to turn around which we call a monster walk. So the monster walk is going to make it even more challenging. You're going to pick this leg up, take it as high as you can and then step a big step out. So you're taking a big step with the monster one. Now, you're going to do that again, big step up, out and down. Now, those exercises can be done rapidly to get far or more slowly either way you're going to make those muscles in your legs stronger and more agile as you squat and lift into your lunge. Another great lunge is what we call a kickback lunge. So we're going to start in the same position, drop your back knee and then when we step forward, we're going to pick that leg up and give yourself a nice good lengthen here. Then step forward, pick up, lengthen, step up. So after you've done both types of lunges, the one where you kick your leg back and the one where you bring your leg up, I want you to link them together. So you can do a combination where you take a big kick back, step forward, lunge, take a big step forward, step down and kick back and when you bring those two combinations together, drop down, pick the knee up, big step, big step forward, big kick back, swing and step. So these are some exercises you can do to build the endurance in your legs. Hopefully that will help you with whatever sport you play. This is Chris Zeitler with True Body Movement hoping you remember to stretch and warm up with every exercise workout you do.


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