Balancing Disc Exercises

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Balancing disc exercises are relatively simple and can be completed without ever setting foot in a gym. Learn about balancing disc exercises with help from a fitness instructor and yoga teacher in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Zeitler. I'm a wellness and fitness coach with True Body Movement and our question today is how to do some exercises with the balancing disc. So today I wanted to share with you some ideas about how to add this balancing disc to your workout. So let's begin by taking the disc and placing it on the floor and you're going to put one foot on the disc and you're going to put the other foot firmly on the ground, that way you destabilize, but you're not feeling like you're going to fall over and then the idea here is to add a little squat to the exercise and then maybe a little lift to give an extra bit of balance to your workout. You're going to lift up, so squat and lift, squat and lift. So this actually engages your abs. The one thing you want to remember with a squat is never let your knees come past your toes. You want your butt to go back and your knees to stay firmly planted over your toes. So when you've done both sides and usually I recommend you do about 10 to 15 on each side, you do a squat and a lift, a squat and a lift. Then we're going to take it down to the mat and do some core work with the disc. So I'm going to set that down and take a seat right smack dab in the middle of the disc. I'm going to lean back. So the idea is your put your hands behind you, you're going to lay down and then squeeze and lift up. You're going to lay out and then squeeze and lift up and pull your belly in. So extend and contract. Now again if your back is sensitive, stay a little tighter, maybe don't extend this far. So nice and tight, extend a little, nice and tight, extend a little. Remember, the breathing in this exercise is always going to be out as you come in, in as you expand, out as you come in, in and you're going to come into one more disc exercise which I truly love is going to tone your upper body. So getting the sand off, we're going to take one hand on the disc and one hand on the mat and you're going to do a version of a push up. So make yourself nice and strong and flat. If you need to protect your back, put your knees on the mat so you can have a little more stability in your lower body and then you're going to go into your push up, push down, push up, maybe on your toes if you want that challenge, push down, push up, push up. Now, when you're done with both sides, to stretch out your lower back, just sit back gently, bring your head down to your knees and let your lower back release. So, three different exercises, one standing, one sitting and one in a plank position, all used to tone your body and add a little more dimension to your workout. This is Chris Zeitler with True Body Movement reminding you to always add a little stretch and a little warm up with every workout.


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