Activities for Equivalent Names for Numbers

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Many activities for equivalent names for numbers require the careful use of flashcards. Learn about activities for equivalent names for numbers with help from an experienced educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija, I'm a mathematician and today, I'm going to give you an activity for equivalent names for numbers. So, what I would do, is go ahead and get a bunch of flashcards. And on each flashcard, write down a number. So, let's say, for example, we start with one-fourth. And on some other flashcards, write down equivalent ways to represent that same number. So, you might say, 25 percent, you might say, a fraction that needs to reduce to get to one-fourth, like three-twelfths, you might say, 0.25. And what I would do is, go ahead and give each student in your class one of these flashcards, set a timer. And have them go and try to find their match around the classroom. So, set a timer and see if they can all get within their match in a minute or so. So, start off with a high time, give them some time and then, challenge them a little bit and lower it. You can start by telling that there will be four students in each group, or three students in each group. And then, to make it a little harder, I wouldn't tell them anymore. So, they don't know there has to be four, four, four, there may be five different versions of this number. You can also do this activity stationary, so just give the kids a pack of flashcards, about 20 flashcards. And they've got to give you four rows, that all have five of the same number. But I think, that movement is good for kids, so the one where they're moving around might be a little bit better. My name is Marija, and I just gave you an activity for equivalent numbers.


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