How to Build the Calves in Legs for Women

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The calves are the lower leg muscles, there are two different calf muscles. Build the calves in legs for women with help from a strength and conditioning coach in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Barbara Brenseke, and I'm from Train For The Game on Long Island. Today, we're going to talk about how to build calves in women. The calves are the lower leg muscles, there are two different calf muscles. One, is the lower calf muscle called the Soleus, the other is the Gastrocnemius. There are many ways to build calves. There are isolated exercises that you could do, to isolate the calf muscles. Or, there are compound motions that you can do to build the calf muscles. Jumping jacks is one way to build calf muscles, sprinting, jumping rope, calf raises and front squats are the best ways to build calves in women. When doing sprinting, we use the balls of our feet, and our calf muscles fire up to get us to move forward. When performing jump ropes, you're on the balls of your feet, working your calf muscles. Calf raises isolate the muscles. How to perform a calf raise, is to put your feet on the edge of a bench, raise your heels up towards the ceiling. And then, bring them down towards the floor, keeping your legs straight. Jump squats, squatting and jumping off the floor, fire up your calf muscles. Front squats, you widen your feet a little wider than hip, sink your butt towards the floor. Pressing backwards, as if you're sitting on a chair, and press through your heels on the way up. Again, firing up your calf muscles.


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