How to Make a Navigation Bar Image in Illustrator

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Making a navigation bar image in Illustrator is something you might want to do if you're designing your own Web page. Make a navigation bar image in Illustrator with help from a well versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Cecilio. I'm a Graphic Artist and I'm going to show you how to make a navigation bar in Illustrator. So, the first thing I've done is I've selected the rectangle tool and re, this all depends if you're interested in making a navigation bar, it depends on like the colors and the style of your website. I'm going to make one for my own and I'm going to use, let's start off with like a grayish color. So, you can go to color swatches and there's a whole bunch of cool grays you can use. I'll just use this basic gray. And you can just start off by drawing a long rectangle and it can be as thick as you want to start. I'll make it big, just so that we can really get a good visual for what we're making here. And then, you can make a smaller rectangle inside of it for the search area, like so. And already you've got your, you know, your search engine area. And then, you can make a little, if you're interested in adding some fun detail, you can make a little magnifying glass which is what I'm going to add right here. And I've thicken my line just a little bit so that it's, and there you have your, just your basic little magnifying glass. Put that here and let me shrink it down a little bit. And then, you can even put the title of your website and I'm going to put mine. And you can mess around with text all you want and that's up in the top on the left. And I'm just going to choose a basic Aerial, Aerial black. And then you can just make that a little bit smaller. And that's how you make a navigation bar in Illustrator. My name is Alex, thank you very much.


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