How to Make a Rockabilly Pattern in Illustrator

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Making a rockabilly pattern in Illustrator is something you might do to add a little extra definition to a drawing of a dress. Make a rockabilly pattern in Illustrator with help from a well versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex. I'm a Graphic Artist, and I'm going to show you how to make a rockabilly dress pattern in Illustrator. Alright. So, I've drawn a, a dress already just to give you an example of what we're looking at. So, the first that I did when I made this was I started with the ellipse tool. Now, you can just hold, you can either push L or you can select you know, the tool on your tool bar. I'm just going to push L. And if you hold down shift and drag, it'll make a basic circle shape and make two of those. And then, you're just going to want to, actually don't make two of those, just make one because I'm going to make, what I'm making here is a heart shape. So, I'm just going to drag a little square over the bottom part and so, it'll give me a half circle. Go to the pen tool; if you hold down this and just push shift and it'll hold down, make a little bit of a line shape. And then, go to the center and it'll make a heart. You don't always have to hold the shift, I only did that because I thought it would benefit my heart, but it's actually not helping. So, I'm just going to, and make sure it's in the center like that and then you can just curve it like this 'cause it doesn't really matter if the shape, if the heart is exactly a heart in this instance because it's just simply representing the bust. So, it's alright if it doesn't look exactly like a heart. Alright, so then, when you have this heart shape, hold down option and then just drag it and then go to, you can hold down control, transform, reflect, a vertical reflection is what you need. And so then, yo have this heart shape. Alright. So then, just go to object, group and make sure that's selected and then just flip this like that. And so, already you can see that there's this similar shape. So, what I'm going to do then is draw two lines; I'm going to use the line tool to do this, just like that to create the chest cavity. And then, I'm going to use the pen tool to make that kind of dress like curve. And so, this, this is actually, you can just do the exact same thing we did with the heart; you just hold down option, drag, control click, transform, reflect. And then, I'm going to just insert that right there and decide, you decide you don't like that little line, you can always change that. And this is just to get the basic shape, like this isn't what it's going to look like in the end. And this actually, this heart needs to be a little bit bigger. And so already, we've got this shape. So now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the paintbrush tool and lock this layer and then you can just go and you can pretty much trace over, and if you have a tablet, it's ideal in this instance, you can just kind of trace what you've drawn with your shapes, kind of like that. And then, if you get rid of that, you already see we have that kind of dress shape. So, then, I'm just going to invisible-ize that and do what I did with the heart and I think that's one of the coolest little tricks in Photoshop is that you can copy and paste shapes like that. And then, you can just go back and get your paintbrush tool and make some little flowy lines like that. And if you want it to be exactly like that, then you can just do exactly what I've been doing this entire time, just copy, copy it and just select little piece, delete it. And see, I've already got that little flowy line and it doesn't, it doesn't really matter if it's exact; in my case, I want it to be exact. But, I'm just going to delete that little piece of that line 'cause it's really not important. Okay. There we go and then we'll just have that little piece like that. Okay. So, there we've got this basic shape and then, you're going to just draw a little line right here; actually, do, do it up here and make, make it small. And then, you can use the pen tool and do this little number which is really cool; just make a little bit of a curved line and then you're just going to copy that line exactly how we did with the heart and then, you could take it over here and actually, yeah, don't do that, just, you can, or you can do it that way if, if you prefer to, but I'm going to use the paintbrush just because it's going to, it's going to have more of that illustrative line which is what I'm kind of looking for in this dress pattern. Okay. So, then, I've drawn this line and the cool thing about Illustrator is you can move your lines that you've drawn and then, I'm just going to do exactly what I did with the heart; copy it. Okay. And then, you've already got this; so, we're almost finished. Then, reflect it and the make an identical copy of it; okay; then, you can get rid of that line. And this where you can add the curved bust. Okay. You just, you just reflect that again and there is the; and if this happens, which it, I guarantee you it will, just go and select the direct selection tool, just hit this anchor point, pull it a little closer, hit this anchor point a little closer so that they're connected. And then, you can just close off your dress. And if you want to make a belt, that's pretty easy. You can just click and make a path and then, make an, an identical; actually, you don't want to drag this; copy it, connect it and there you can have your belt. And then, we'll just set it right there. And there you have your rockabilly dress. And my name is Alex and this is the rockabilly dress pattern. Thank you very much.


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