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Making flourishes is a great way to really give a drawing that extra bit of flair it may desperately need. Learn how to make flourishes in Illustrator with help from a well versed web, graphic and illustrative designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Alex Cecillio. I'm a graphic artist, and I'm going to show you how to make flourishing shapes in Illustrator. First thing I'm going to do is on the right side you're going to have your expand panel which will have your alternate options from just your regular tool bars. So, I'm going to select the brushes panel, and if you don't have the brushes panel, you can always just go to Windows and brushes. And so in this brush option on the right side there's the open brush library and there's a bunch of series of brushes that you can really choose from. I'm going to choose the elegant curl and floral brush set because we're doing some flourishing shapes. So, what you could do not is select your brush you're interested in and just start making some shapes, and I'm using the paint brush tool which is on the regular tool bar. And the reason I'm doing this is because it gives me a little bit more flexibility than the pen tool or the pencil tool, just so that you can get the shape that you actually want. And I'm actually going to change these brushes in just a minute. I'm just drawing you some shapes to give you an example of what we're doing here. So, then you can select the mark you've made and select a whole new brush if you want. So, I'm going to choose a couple of different ones. And these all come with PhotoShop so you can, I mean sorry, Illustrator so that you can get a sense for what this program has to offer. I'll just pick a couple of different forms here. And you can also change the color too if you're interested. And the one thing to really keep your mind on is when you're using the paint brush tool, it's not always going to just say give you this little option over here which is to have your line weight or your stroke to be colored and your fill color not filled. So, for example you might get this little number which is what I've often had some common errors with and this is just not what you want. So, always remember just on the far right just click the none button so that way it doesn't fill in so that you really have you know the line that you want and not extra color in there. So, we're going to change the color of this real quick. And I'll just make it on fully color. And that's pretty much it. You just can make all sorts of, and you can be really creative with you know, what you make with this awesome little paint brush tool. And you can make some really cool shapes. My name's Alex and this how to make flourishing shapes in Illustrator. Thank you very much.


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