Panini With Brie & Chocolate

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There are few things better than a panini with brie and chocolate. Find out how to make your own panini with brie and chocolate with help from a food and lifestyle/fashion expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Max Tucci, celebrity chef and lifestyle expert and today I'm going to show you how to make a panini with brie and chocolate. That's right, brie and chocolate. So what we have here is our brie, our semi sweet chocolate chips and some white bread. If you want to get adventurous, you could use that Nutella. We're going to take our white bread and we're going to put our brie right on top of it. Oh this is going to be delicious. Get those chocolate chips right on top and put them all over on top of the cheese is the best place to really put them. You can push them in the cheese if need be and we're going to make this panini and it is going to be so delicious and all you do is keep adding those chocolate chips right on top of your brie and then we're going to put the other piece of bread right on top, push it down just a little bit, put it on your panini maker. Be careful, it's very hot. When we close it you're going to want to use a towel or a potholder to push it down. Now that chocolate is going to start melting and smells so delicious with that brie on that white bread and if you have Nutella spread some on that bread before you put it on. Oh I can just smell how good that chocolate is. Again they're semi sweet chocolate chips and brie cheese on white bread with the panini machine. And there we're going to have our panini with brie and chocolate. Put that on your plate. Remember how I cut things, on an angle. Why? Because I want you to have that tip, it's so good. Look at that. Now you might want to let that brie melt a little more but I like that brie just a little bit solid with those chocolate chips and there you have your panini with brie and chocolate. We took it to the max. I'm Max Tucci and thanks for watching.


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