Salami & Cheese Panini

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You haven't lived until you've tasted a delicious, home made salami and cheese panini. Make a salami and cheese panini with help from a food and lifestyle/fashion expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Max Tucci, celebrity chef and lifestyle expert. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a salami and cheese panini. Now this is one of my favorite things and since I'm Italian you know what that means, we're going to use some Genoa salami and some provolone cheese. We're going to use some Italian bread, some vegannaise, which is a substitute for mayonnaise and some deli mustard. We've got our grill here all nice and warm, be careful it's very hot. If you have one of these, they're the best and they're recommended to use them often. So now that that's going to be all nice and toasty for us, I can feel that heat. I'm going to have that closed until we finish this sandwich. So basically what you want to do is get some deli mustard right on your bread. Now what I like to do is bring it edge to edge and we're going to do that on both slices of the Italian bread. We're going to put some vegannaise, again edge to edge and then we're going to take that right on that other slice of read, some vegannaise again, don't worry if you make a mess, we're only human and get that all in here, edge to edge. Get some more of that deli mustard, and you're going to spread that right on. We're going to get that provolone cheese, put it right onto the sandwich, right onto the panini, that's what we're making, get that Genoa salami. I'm going to use three slices because I'm going to eat the fourth. We're going to put that right together like that and then we're going to put that right into our panini machine. We're going to push it. Now remind you this is going to be hot so you want to use a towel and push it down. You can hear that sizzle. This is really good panini and it's very quick and simple to make. Now we want to make sure that we get the scoring on the top of the bread so that we've grilled it like a real panini in Italy. We're going to open that up, check that out. We're going to put that right onto our plate, be careful it's going to be hot. Now how do I cut everything? On a diagonal. I think really that's the only way that you can get it done because I like those little tips at the end, slice that in half and you've got yourself a salami and cheese panini. We took it to the max. I'm Max Tucci and thanks for watching.


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