How to Determine a Linear Function

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Determining a linear function involves working with a function that involves a liner that can be upward, downward or horizontal. Determine a linear function with help from a mathematics educator with over a decade of experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about how to determine a linear function. Now, a linear function is a function that which a line can be drawn whether it'd be an upward, downward or horizontal line. Notice I didn't draw any vertical lines because vertical lines are actually not considered functions. But, if you know a graph is that one of these, then you know is that of a line. Now, it really depends on what kind of information that you're given to determine a linear function. And one, if you're given a bunch of ordered pairs, you want to graph those ordered pairs. Now, if it's to be a linear function, these ordered pairs are suppose to fit exactly that of one of these three patterns. Now, if you're not given a bunch of ordered pairs, you may want to use a linear equation and one of which is the slope intercept equation and that is the form y=mx b. Now, what's useful about this equation is it tells you what the pattern of the line is which is the m, which stands for slope. It also gives you the b which stands for y intercept. So, it also will tell you at what point it touches the y axis. So, if you're given what the pattern of a line is and you're given what the y intercept where it touch the y axis, you have what you need to figure out how the line is drawn. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and there's a couple of tools on how to determine a line, linear function.


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