How to Make a Flash Cut in Final Cut Pro

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When making a flash cut in Final Cut Pro, the first thing you're going to want to start of doing is separating the two clips you're working with. Make a flash cut in Final Cut Pro with help from an experienced editor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Zach, and today I'm going to explain how to make a flash cut in Final Cut Pro. First, you're going to start off by separating two clips. To make this flash cut effective, I'm going to want to be six frames apart. I'm going to do that just by hitting the right bracket key six times. Now I'm going to start by going into the text edit window. There I'm going to select matte and then color. I'm going to go up to the controls panel and I'm going to select the little gray square. From there, I'm just going to scroll up until I find a color that is white and I'm going to go with snow. So go back to your video controls and you're going to click and drag and instead of inserting or over-riding what you're going to do is go fit to fill. It is important to note that your play head needs to be at the end of the beginning clip. Okay, now that that color matte is in place you will have to render. It should render out pretty quick. Next you're going to go into the effects tab. Once in the effects tab, you're going to select video transitions, dissolve and cross dissolve. With the cross dissolve selected, you're going to click and drag to in between the color clip and the first clip at the end. Once you've input that, you're going to hit control, right click and change the duration to just type 4 and hit okay. And you're going to do the same with the end of the color clip. Now you're going to need to render one more time and then when you play it you will have a flash frame. My name is Zach, and I just explained how to make a flash cut in Final Cut Pro.


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