How to Make a Stirred Margarita

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Making a stirred margarita requires a few changes to your normal routine from a regular shaken margarita. Make a stirred margarita with help from a boutique bar owner and operator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, how you doing? BC from Las Perlas, downtown LA and today we're going to learn how to make a stirred margarita. Say you don't want that traditional shaken, you just want it James Bond style, stir it up. So what we're going to do is here at Las Perlas and throughout the 213 group, we actually take blocked ice. Now this actually started off as a ten pound block of ice. We break it down and we make it into a smaller cube. So we're going to take that, we're going to put it right into our glass, put that down right there for us and then we're going to take our alcohol. So in this case for our margarita, let's say you want to go with a Blanco, so we're going to take our Corralejo, and we're going to take two ounces, pour it right on in there and then we're going to take a half ounce of Royal Combier, a half ounce of Agave and one ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice. Now the beautiful thing about using a stirrer instead of shaking it is you don't get all that melted broken ice, watered down concoction. This is just as pure as it can be, gets the drink cold without actually really getting it too watered down. You're going to give it a good stir. You want to do this for say about a solid minute, make sure it's nice and cold. You'll start to feel the glass actually getting cold on your fingers as you're holding it in place. And as you're doing this you'll also notice that the drink slowly starts to creep up the glass meaning that you're getting some water into the drink but not too much, just enough to get the drink cold. Once you're done, give it a tap, garnish it with a lime, drop right in there, put in your sipping straws and there you have it, a stirred margarita right here at Las Perlas for your drinking pleasure. My name is BC in downtown LA, and I'll serve this drink up for you anytime you come on by.


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