How to Make a Sugar-Free Margarita

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Making a sugar-free margarita is a great way to enjoy a classic drink right at home. Make a sugar-free margarita with help from a boutique bar owner and operator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, how you doing? BC here at Las Perlas, LA downtown, and today we're going to make a sugar-free margarita for your drinking enjoyment. So what we're going to start off by doing is getting our tin filled with ice. Once we've done that, we're going to take our tequila, in this case we're using Espanon, it's a Reposado that we're using and we're going to take two ounces and pour it right in the glass. Yeah, then we're going to take our Royal Combier. This is going to be our sweetness. This and the tequila, that's going to be our sugar. that's the only thing that we're putting in there that's going to be any type of sweetness. We're going to take one ounce of lime juice and half an ounce of the Royal Combier, so very little sweetness and the lime, we're just going to take freshly squeezed, none of that artificial stuff right there, all genuine, umm, umm, squeeze that in, measure it out to be one ounce, perfect, pour it right in the tin, give that bad boy a shake. Now if you want you can use anything as far as to sweeten your margarita. If you want to use perhaps some Sweet 'N Lo or Agave Nectar as a natural sweetener so that way you don't have to worry about having sugar in there. In this case we're just keeping it out completely. We're going to salt our rim and then just pour our margarita right in the glass. And there you have it, how to make a sugar free margarita right here at Las Perlas. My name is BC, and I will pour you this drink anytime you want, come on by.


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