How to Make a Margarita Drink With Tequila

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Making a margarita drink with tequila is a great cocktail to make for someone who likes things a little stronger. Make a margarita drink with tequila with help from a boutique bar owner and operator in this free video clip.

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Hey hey, BC here at Las Perlas and today we are going to make a margarita using tequila. So you're asking yourself at the liquor store before you buy it, what kind of tequila am I going to get. There's so many choices. Well as far as the actual type that you use, I can't help you with that, that's completely up to you. But as far as the aging process goes, I can help you figure out which one of those you should get. So we're going to start off, we've got actually four different types of tequila. Now I'm showing three but I'll explain to you in just a second. So we have our silver or Blanco tequila. Now that usually is aged from 0 to 4 weeks. That's the aging process for that. this is the baby right here. It's going to be a lot sweeter. It's also going to have, it's going to be done in steel drums or steel tanks. So it's going to have less of the flavor that's acquired from the other ones. Then you have your Reposado. The Reposado is aged anywhere from 2 to 11 months. Now that bad boy right there is going to have a lot more flavor than the baby silver. And then you have your Anajo. Now the Anajo is aged for at the very minimum, one year and then beyond that you have your Extra Anajo. Now the Extra Anajo has to be aged for at least three years. As well, Anajos usually are aged in an oak cask or barrel for that matter. It's going to give it more of a caramelized flavor and it's going to also give it almost a whiskey taste to it. Keep in mind it is still tequila but it is going to be more reflective of a whiskey because of the aging process and because it's used in a barrel. So what we're going to do is we're going to take our tin, we're going to fill that bad boy up with ice. Then we're going to take our tequila. In this case I took two ounces of our Reposado. We're going to pour it right back in there. We're going to take half an ounce of orange liquor or in this case Royal Combier and we're going to take one ounce of lime juice, freshly squeezed and a half ounce of Agave Nectar. Close up that tin, make sure it's nice and tight, shake that bad boy up and if we want a salted rim, we're just going to take our lime, go around the edges real quick, put a little salt on there, tap off any excess that we have, throw our napkin down and pour our tin and its contents right into the glass. And there you have a margarita using tequila right here at Las Perlas in downtown LA. My name is BC and I'll be serving you a classic margarita with tequila anytime you come on by.


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