Reasons Why a Husband Cheats

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An unfortunate fact of life is that a spouse could choose to cheat for any one of a number of reasons. Find out about reasons why husbands cheat with help from a longtime practicing therapist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm David Simonsen, from, and when I'm doing therapy for married couples or individuals, women tend to ask me why do men cheat and why do their husbands cheat. And we see it all the time, celebrities with beautiful wives, they go out and cheat with their assistants, with their maids, and so I boil it down to three reasons why husbands cheat. The first reason is kind of an obvious one, sex. If a guy is not having sex with their spouse, they're going to find out - they're going to find another place to have sex with and that's usually with another woman or it could be online through pornography. Another thing that I've talked to men about is respect. Respect is a huge thing that they need from their significant person in their life. If they don't feel valued by their woman, they're going to go find someone else who is going to value them and that's another huge reason why men cheat on their wives. A third reason, which often goes unnoticed is food. Men love to eat usually and, if they know they're going to come home and they're going to get the food that they want and their wife has put in the hard work to make this food, they're going to value their wife even more and they're going to want to stay with their wife and not cheat. So, food, sex and respect, those are the three things that I have found in my work that tend to lead guys to cheat.


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