How to Make Your Own Fondant in Daisy Cutouts

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Making your own fondant in daisy cutouts requires you to start by pre-rolling your colored fondants. Make your own fondant in daisy cutouts with help from the Chief Confectionery Officer of in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Daria Artem, Chief Confectionery Officer of Lady Fortunes Gourmet Cookie Company. And I'm here to show you how to make your very own daisy fondant cutouts. Well, we've already started by pre-rolling our colored fondants. For more information on great make it from scratch recipes on fondant, go to; that's lady fortunes with an s dot com. We can show you how to make your own fondant and how to color it as well. Coloring fondant, I always recommend do it once you start making your fondant; add your food coloring into the marshmallow and the, and the water 'cause it's a lot easier 'cause it gets incorporated a lot more evenly. So, anyway, I have my little daisy cutouts right over here and I've got a nice cute little set that has all kinds of different shapes in here, all sizes. And we're going to start with the small one. What we're going to do is we're just going to dip it into some confectionery sugar and we're going to put onto the fondant and we're going to just move it just like that and there we have a cute little daisy. We can just go ahead and you know, cut these guys and these are just so cute and you can, you know, you can decorate cupcakes with these, you can decorate a cake with these. You can even purchase these with on their own little Popsicle sticks. Let's use this size for the orange ones. You can even purchase them on their, you know, little Popsicle sticks and make little favors out of them. They're just super cute and super easy to make. I've got some orange ones and let's go with this size on the purple. That's really cute. The fondant is really pliable, it's really easy to work with. If it dries out on you, just add a little bit of water or corn syrup or a little mixture of both, just to get that pliability back. We're going to go ahead and put this to the side. Also, I recommend having a wet towel, you know, just a damp towel; so, when you're putting your fondant on the side, you can just cover it with a damp towel and it'll dry out much, much slower. Okay. So, we've got the little daisies here and just, I've got a little bit of the yellow and I love making little yellow centers for these. Just pinch off a little bit of your fondant, make a ball and right in the middle. Isn't that cute? I'm going to make some tiny little ones for our little pink daisies and we just put that right into the middle. And it, the colors just pop at you; you can do these with any colors you want. You can make them in pinks, in blues and all kinds of different colors. Now, you could even experiment and put several colors together and for that, we just have a food grade paintbrush, a little bit of corn syrup. I'm going to go ahead and brush the middle; that way you make sure that it's getting stuck together perfectly. And we put a little pink daisy on top. And this would make such a cute little cupcake topper. And there you have it, your own fondant cutout daisies made from fondant. For more ideas on these and other decorating tips, go to


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