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Making fortune cookies is a great, creative way to get your kids interested in crafts. Learn about making fortune cookies for kids with help from the Chief Confectionery Officer of in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Daria Artem, Chief Confectionary Officer of Lady Fortune Gourmet Cookie Company and I'm here to show you how to make fortune cookies with kids. Now, I've got two kids of my own; three and one. That's a handful. So, your time is kind of limited. You don't really have time to go ahead and you know, break eggs, mix these, mix that, you want something easy and simple in a couple steps that you know, just takes all the fun, gives the kids the fun and makes it simple for moms and dads. So, here's what, here's what we do. We have a mix here and usually I make everything from scratch. But, if you are doing these with kids and you want to cut out all those steps, this is a wonderful and easy way to make it. You can have your own fortune cookies baking in a couple of minutes. So, here's what we have. I'm using a waffle cone mix from Old World Cone. You can go to the supermarket and just go into your, into your baking mix aisle and you can go ahead and you know, purchase this right off of the grocery store shelves. Now, what I'm doing is I'm putting in about, oh boy, I'd say about two cups of mix. You're going to use about two cups of mix to one part of water. Here's the hard part, you add water. That's it, you just add some water and again, it's two parts of mix to one part of water. And you want to go ahead and stir it. Kids love stirring things, so I think that they would have a lot of fun doing this. Now, you don't want to make this too liquidy. With, with from scratch recipe, you want it to be more definitely more liquid; with the fortune cookies for kids, it's a lot easier just to do it with a more, you know, smooth round recipe. But again, as long as you stick to two parts of mix to one part of water, you're perfect. Okay. This looks like it's all mixed up. Now, comes the fun part. This part is for grown ups and again, you can use a cookie sheet and you can put these into a preheated oven at 350 degrees. I prefer doing it this way because it's right in front of you. I'm using a crepe maker. But, you can also use, you can also use, you know, the cookie sheet like I said. And what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and grab a ladle and we're going to go ahead and spoon out a little bit. You can also use an ice cream scoop by the way. When I do this at home, I actually do this with an ice cream scoop; it's really easy because you put exactly how much you need and then the kids just go ahead and you know, press it out and usually comes out with a perfect ball. So, we're just going to put on a nice circle here and we're just going to go ahead and use the ladle just to roll it out, not too thin, but thin enough. And now we wait for it to bake. While this is baking, you and the kids can go ahead and cut up some pieces of paper; you know, just normal copy paper is great; and you want to go ahead and measure it out so that it's spans across the diameter of the cookie. And then you can have the kids write up fortunes. You know, your fortune is a sweet one. You can put down, "You will clean up your room today." What else is a great one. "You will be nice to your baby sister." That's one that I really like. So, you just put the fortunes inside, that way, hopefully, they'll do what it says. Okay, now we're watching the cookie here and you can see that it's getting a little golden brown; you see all these little, you know, little, little holes appearing. That's exactly what you want it to do. What we're going to do is we're going to flip it over and see, look at that beautiful golden brown color. Now, while this is baking, we're going to go ahead and make room for our fortune cookie former. Now, for the formers, you can use muffin tins, you can use cupcake liners, you can use egg cartons, anything that'll, you know, lend itself to holding the fortune cookie's traditional shape. And I'm also using a fondant roller; but you can use a rolling pin or even a paper towel too. So, I'll show you how to do this. Let's take a look at our fortune cookie here. Yeah, that's nice. You see, you can see that it's already turning golden brown on the other end. So, and again, you can play with this, you can make them darker, you can make them lighter; you can make them softer, you can make them crispier, depending on how you and your family like to enjoy your fortune cookies. It's your own fortune, so you can go ahead and make it. Okay. So, I have, I've got my fortune ready and what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and take my fortune cookie. I'm going to go ahead and fold it over the rolling pin. Now, be very careful 'cause it is hot. And the grown up is just going to go ahead and bring up those edges together. You're going to move it this way. You're going to form it and you know, just, just hang out here for a little bit. You're going to feel that it's a little warm, it's still a little, you know, it's, it's still a little hot. It's beginning to cool, these things cool very very very quickly. Okay. So, this is cool enough now that I would be able to hand this over to my son and tell him to go ahead and finish the job. All you need to do is bring those two ends together and presto, you've got your own easy fortune cookie. We're going to put the fortune cookie into a little former just to hold its shape and now all you need to do is wait for it to cool and you know, make some more in the meanwhile, make a whole bunch of them and after about half an hour, you're going to have the most tasty, delicious, crispy, vanilla fortune cookies ever. For more ideas, go to; that's lady fortunes with an s dot com. We've got recipes, we've got ideas how to dip and decorate your own fortune cookies. So, you know, go, go and take a look.


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