How to Cite Partial Quotes From a Movie

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Citing partial quotes from a movie is just as important as citing an entire quote that you're re appropriating for your work. Cite partial quotes from a movie with help from an educator with experience in both reading and writing in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Cristina Gutierrez-Brewster. I'm an English teacher, and today I'll be discussing with you how to properly cite partial quotes in a research paper. Now, depending on the type of paper that you're writing, you want to clarify with your professor whether you're going to be using MLA or APA format. For today's purposes, we're going to be using a partial quotation in APA format. So, when you're doing a partial quote, the most common thing you want to do is to include a lead in sentence that is going to be explaining what the readers about to see. Usually do it very briefly followed by the quotation marks. After you've done your lead in, usually you want to put a comma and include the actual quotation here. Now, since it's a partial quote, a lot of times when people are writing these, you'll use ellipses where the break in the, whatever happens in the movie and what you're writing about is, is going to be indicated. So, put that break with an ellipses followed by the third thing which is the, the parental that goes citation. You want to include the author's, not the author's but the producer's last name and the director's last name followed by the comma and the year that it was distributed. And the citation in the work cited page should include the normal way that you normally cite a movie or a film. Now, when you're doing this particular lead in sample, an example you could do is with the lead in, you would say, "As evident in the film's climax, make sure that you have that comma after the lead in, put the quotation, Carpe Diem." Now, in the film he actually adds more to this, but we want to skip, we want to partially quote and we want to skip right to the main part of our paragraph's main point which is "Make your lives extraordinary." You see, what we did there is we took out that portion and in its place we put a, an ellipses. Close the quotation, put your producer and director's name, followed by the year it was distributed and then once again, cite it in your work citing page. That's one example that you can use for your partial quotes in a research paper. So, once again, my name is Cristina Gutierrez-Brewster, and that was how to properly cite a partial quote in a research paper.


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