How to Parenthetically Cite Names of Movies

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Parenthetically citing names of movies in a paper is a great way to give your readers additional information with limited space. Learn how to parenthetically cite names of movies in a paper with help from an educator with experience in both reading and writing in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Cristina Gutierrez-Brewster. I'm and English teacher, and today I'll be discussing with you how to parenthetically cite the titles of movies in a paper. Now, when you are citing any type of paper, make sure that you clarify beforehand whether it is APA or MLA format that you must be writing in. Depending on your type of study, you maybe using APA or MLA. So, clarify that with your professor first. For today's purposes, we will be discussing the APA format. When you're citing a title of, of a movie, you do want to include a few key points. The first thing is that you want to include the producer's name. Now, the producer follows the same format as any other APA. You want to make sure that their last name goes first comma with a period after their first initial. Then, make sure that in parenthesis, you also put the word producer. After that, producer's name, you also want to include the and symbol and the director name. So, the director follows the format just like we did with the producer; last name first comma first initial with a period. Then, just like we did with the producer, make sure that in parenthesis you write director afterwards and followed by a period. Those two need to have periods after it. The third thing you want to include is the date that the motion picture was released; make sure that you put that in parenthesis, followed by the period. Fourth thing to include is the movie title. You want to italicize that, capitalize the first letter of that entire movie title. After the period, you also want to put in brackets that it is a movie production or a film, either one, just clarify that that it is a movie that you're citing. The final thing, after you've included the, the brackets, make sure that you include the country of origin, followed by the colon symbol and then the distributor or the distribution studio; if it's Fox or Warner Brothers or whatever it was, make sure that you include it at right after the country, place a period. Now, when you are citing this in text and you are discussing Star Wars, make sure that in the line in text, you say, "As in George Lucas's Star Wars epic", and then you include the date like you would in an APA, 1972; forgive me, I don't know the exact year. Just make sure that you follow the same format that you would in the text as, as you do for other APA citations. Once again, that was how to parenthetically cite the movie title in APA format. My name is Cristina Gutierrez-Brewster, thank you for joining me today.


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