How to Measure the Circumference of Oval Windows

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Measuring the circumference of oval windows is one of the many ways in which mathematics can be useful in our daily lives. Measure the circumference of oval windows with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about how to find the circumference of oval windows. Now, when it comes to circumference and of course, depending on how, you know, the ovalness of the window, but that assuming that it's circular, the, you want to use the circumference formula which is going to be c is equal to 2 pi r. Now, where r is going to be radius of that particular window. Now, as you know, if you want to find the circumference of that window, you want to find the distance around; so, this is a good measurement of that. So, basically, if you have the radius, let's just say equals to 3 and let's just say inches, depending on how big the window or small the window is, just plug it in. So, circumference is equal 2 pi times 3 inches, so that's going to give you 6 pi inches. Now, to find the decimal approximation, what you want to think about is you can use, either use a calculator to find the exact value of pie or you can approximate it by saying pi is 3.14. So, 6 times 3.14 inches and then use the calculator and that'll give you the approximate measurement. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that's how to measure the circumference of an oval window.


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