How to Figure Out the Diameter of a Cylinder Using Cubic Feet

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Figuring out the diameter of a cylinder is going to require you to take some very specific measurements. Figure out the diameter of a cylinder using cubic feet as your unit of measurement with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're to talk about how to find the diameter of a cylinder using cubic feet. Now, whether it be cubic feet, inches or etc., because a a cylinder uses cubic units all the time. It could be cubic feet or it could be some other cubic measurement. But in terms of finding the diameter of a cylinder, here's the process that you want to use. Now, you want to start off with the volume of a cylinder, and the volume, assuming it's a right circular cylinder, mind you. It's going to be volume is equal to Pi R-squared H. Now, the objective here, is to find the radius first, before finding the diameter. So, what you want to do, solve for R. In this particular case, go ahead and divide both sides by the non R related term. so, in this case, it'll be Pi-H. So, you have R-square is equal to V over Pi-H. Now, where you want to go from here is, to solve for R and to get rid of the square root, excuse me, to get rid of the square. Take the square root of both sides. So, you have R is equal to square root of V over Pi-H. Now, when you take the square root of both sides, there's usually plus or minus. But since the radius is generally assumed to be positive, you just don't write the plus or minus. Now, at this point, this will give you whatever the radius happens to be. Now, to find the diameter, it's just going to be two times R. So, basically take whatever answer you have for the radius and then, multiply by two. So, regardless of, if it's cubic feet or not, this formula will always help you find the diameter of a cylinder. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and that's how to find the diameter of a cylinder using cubic feet.


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