How to Make a Pentagon With a Protractor

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Making a pentagon with a protractor is easy, so long as you follow a few basic, easy to manage steps. Make a pentagon with a protractor with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang, and we're to talk about how to make a pentagon with a protractor. Now, the processes can be pretty meticulous, but depending on what kind of pentagon you want to make, either it's going to be pretty straightforward. As long as you use the protractor correctly. Now, it all starts with a line. So, the sketches that we're going to make here, are going to be a little bit on the rough side, but you'll get the idea. Now, you want to start out with a line and you want to label it, A, B, let's just say. Now, what you want to do from here, is if you're going to use a protractor. You want to make the base line of the protractor on this line, and with point A as the center. Now, if you're going to make a regular pentagon, where all the angles are going to be equal. What you want to think about is, use a protractor and rotate a 108 degrees. Or if you don't really care, as long as the pentagon has five sides. You can rotate it however many number of degrees that you want. But let's just say, for the sake of argument, you want to make the protractor rotate a degrees. So, we want to make a dot at that particular point. And then, what you want to do, is rotate it, so that from the protractor, make a line towards that dot. And then, make sure, again, it's a rough sketch here, that this line is the same length as this particular line. Now, as you know, pentagon has five sides. So, at this particular point, you have two lines. And where you want to go from here is, you kind of want to repeat the process. Again, kind of a rough sketch and then, where, using a protractor, the final side should end on point B. So, again, using a protractor, you're going to be pretty precise about it. And I'm just giving you a general idea and strategies to how this will end up. So, I'm Jimmy Chang, and that's how to make a pentagon with a protractor.


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