How to Maximize Your Home Insurance Claim

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Maximizing your home insurance claim is something you can do in a very particular way. Maximize your home insurance claim with help from a public insurance adjuster in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Odess, I'm a public insurance adjuster. And one of the things that I do as a public insurance adjuster is, I teach people how to maximize their home insurance claim. And that's what's this segment is about. How to maximize your home insurance claim? Rule of thumb, collect first and then, rebuild. Most people do it backwards, they start to rebuild and then, they collect. It's one of the most important pieces or most important advice that I can probably give you, is collect and then, rebuild. Your insurance policy requires you to protect your property and then, mitigate your damages. What does that mean, what does that mean to you? That means protect your property form further damage. Fix the pipe, stop it from you know, continuing the leak, call 911, have the fire department out there to put out the fire. So, important things to remember here. Collect and then, rebuild, don't rebuild and then, collect, only mitigate. Mitigating as per your policy and what the insurance company requires you to do, is stop it from getting worse. So, keep in mind, as you move through the insurance process. The insurance company is going to send out, what are called independent adjusters or company insurance adjusters. Independent adjusters and company adjusters legally represent the interest of the insurance company. One of the other things you can do, is you can hire one, me, a public insurance adjuster. A public insurance adjuster represents your interest. What a public insurance adjuster does, he goes out there and actually does an assessment on your behalf for the full value of your loss. They put together your estimate, your scope of the damages, they work with your insurance companies. To make sure they negotiate your final settlement. So, keep in mind, your settlements are negotiable. So, whether you do or don't hire a public insurance adjuster to represent your interest. Make sure that you keep in mind, just like buying a car, you're selling your damages to your insurance company. Work with them, negotiate, be totally cooperative with them. The more fuss and aggravation you cause for them, the harder and longer it's going to take for you to get paid. So, fully cooperate and document everything. If you talk with someone on the phone, if they Email you. Go get a Manila folder or a folder of any kind, start sticking those documents in there, collect all your invoice and receipts. Because your policy also requires you to, for in the event of any loss, for you to collect all your invoice or receipts for damages. This is Dan Odess for eHow, thanks for watching.


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