Dance Steps to Teach to a Beginning Jazz Class

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When teaching a beginning jazz class, you're going to want to take the confidence level of your students into mind. Find out about dance steps to teach to a beginning jazz class with help from a personal trainer, choreographer and dance instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lesa G. Williams, Owner of Mix in San Diego, California. Today, I'll be teaching you basic dance steps to teach to a beginning jazz dance class. We're going to review four of them. So, one being jazz walks, then we'll go into pivots and pas de bourrees and grand battements. So, a jazz walk is pretty basic because we all walk and this one is more of a funkier, spunkier type of walk. So, matching the music that the choreographer wants to use. We'll step right foot out to the side, hip your right hip out at the same time so it's tight, kind of a hinge and then that right shoulder is going to roll back at the same time. So, you have hip right, foot right, shoulder right and then all left side; and then repeat, right and then left. Keep doing that from right to left or go forward and back. So, again your jazz walk, off of your heels on the balls of your feet, goes right and left and right and left. Then, you would have a pivot which basically takes you from one direction to another. We're going to step right foot forward and then pivot to the opposite wall staying off of your heels, knees bent. Then, take that same foot, right foot and pivot back to the wall you were facing. So, it's a weighted change direction. So, we'll go right foot again, ball of the foot, pivot and then face the opposite wall. Then, step again right foot, back to the front wall that you were facing. Next, you have a pas de bourrees which is three steps. Start with your arms out in second position and tendu your right foot out to the side. Then, from here, we're going to step back behind our front foot, step out with the left foot and then forward with that right foot. So, again, we have one, two, three; pas de bourrees. So, it goes back, side, front and then you would do the same thing on the other side, back, side, front. So, that's your pas de bourrees. Next you have a grand battement which means big kick, large kick. This I would do flat footed for beginning jazz class. Arms in second position, step your right foot flat and kick your left leg as high as you can. After you kick that left leg, put it down, step on it and kick your right foot leg up as high as you can. And that would go across the floor. So, you would step right, kick left, left, kick right, all the way across the floor. Those are four basic dance steps that I would teach a beginning jazz dance class. I'm Lesa G. Williams, Owner of Mix Studio in San Diego, California.


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