Jazz Dance Steps


The most basic fundamental step in jazz dance is called the jazz walk. Learn about jazz dance steps with help from a personal trainer, choreographer and dance instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Lesa G. Williams, owner of MIX in San Diego, California. Today, I'll be walking you through how to do jazz dance steps. The most basic fundamental step in jazz dance is a jazz walk, and it sounds like it is - it is a walk, but there's a little bit of attitude and flair that goes with it. So, to add some attitude and flare, what we simply do is add shoulders and hips to this basic walk. So, what you're going to do is step your right foot to your right, cross your left leg over, and then right foot steps again on the ball of your foot, and then left foot crosses over. So, the whole time you're off of your heels, and your knees are slightly bent. We'll add shoulders to go with it, and then a hip figure eight. So, as you step right foot, right shoulder goes back, and your hip presses to the right. Then, you're going to cross left leg over, left shoulder rolls back, and left hip presses forward. So, altogether it goes right, and then left, and then right, and then left. And of course, it would be a little bit faster, but I do want you to pretend that you're on a runway so that there's a little bit of a chin up, and almost like you're showing off, like you're modeling on a runway. So, again, we'll step right and then left, and then right, and then left. So, make sure that those shoulder rolls are happening with the steps, and that the hips are taking place as well. The jazz walks can go right to left, and they can also go forward and back. So, it just depends on where you're going in the choreography. My name is Lesa G. Williams from MIX Studio in San Diego, California, and that's how you do a jazz walk.


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