How to Label a Division Problem

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Labeling a division problem requires you to identify the various components of said problem. Label a division problem with help from an MIT Masters Candidate in Aero/Astro Engineering in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, this is Ryan Malloy here at The Worldwide Center of Mathematics. In this video we're going to discuss how to label a division problems. So if you're given a division problem like 20 divided by 5 equals ?. Well, right off the bat, hopefully you should be able to tell that the answer to this is 4, but each of these three components has a name, 20, in this case, is known as the dividend, the number by which the dividend is being divided. In this case, 5 is the divisor and the final answer is known as the quotient. And this is true regardless of the form in which the problem is presented. We have long division for example, divisor goes into the dividend quotient times. Similarly if you are presented it as a fraction the dividend over the divisor is equal to the quotient. There you have it. My name is Ryan Malloy, and we've just discussed how to label a division problem.


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