Balance Exercises for Seniors

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A number of different balance exercises are great for senior citizens. Learn about balance exercises for seniors with help from a licensed occupational therapy practitioner in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Suzanne Andrews, President of, and today you're going to learn some balance exercises for seniors. Since 11 million seniors fall every year, this is a very important exercise for you to learn. Raise your right leg with your knee bent and cross mid line, 12 times to the right, 12 times to the left, alternating your legs. Repeat this for another set. This exercise is very effective because it strengthens your core muscles which helps your balance. We all know we need to have strong legs but equally important is your trunk because a strong trunk, just like a tree won't fall as easily. Ever notice how when the wind blows down the weak trees that are not rooted firmly to the ground fall and break? Your body is the same way. So build a strong trunk and have your feet firmly planted so you can correct yourself and prevent a fall if you lose your balance. Because Tree Pose strengthens your legs and your coordination, it's an excellent choice for balance. If you don't feel steady enough, use a chair to hold onto as shown here. Otherwise, lift your right foot off the ground placing the sole of your right foot against your inner left thigh while turning your right knee out to the side. Bring your arms up with your palms together and hold the pose. Now release the pose and do the other side. Lift your left foot off the ground placing the sole of your left foot against your inner right thigh. Now exhale through your mouth as you release the pose. You may repeat Tree Pose three times on each side for beginners and up to 12 times on each side for advanced. Remember, prevention is right under your feet, Suzanne Andrews for


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