How to Multiply Coordinates

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Multiplying coordinates isn't quite the same as multiplying two regular whole numbers. Find out how to multiply coordinates with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about how to multiply coordinates. Now multiplying coordinates will depend on usability depending on what kind of scenario that you have. Now when you're concerning vectors when you're finding the dot product you're multiplying first and second components which are kind of like coordinates but you really can't say that coordinates and components are the same but here's a basic tutorial on how to multiply coordinates. Now if you have let's just say 3, 4 and you multiply them by negative 1 and 5, the idea here is if you're going to multiply coordinates you want to multiply the corresponding ones. In other words, don't intermingle between X and Y, multiply the Xs with the Xs and the Ys with the Ys. So if you're going to multiply the X coordinates it's 3 times negative 1 which is going to be negative 3 and then 4 times 5 and that's going to be 20. So you multiply the X coordinates and then you multiply the Y coordinates. Now if you are talking about vectors, you could add these but since we're talking about coordinates, you kind of have to leave them alone as is. So bottom line is when you're multiplying coordinates just multiply the Xs and multiply the Ys. So I'm Jimmy Chang and that's how to multiply coordinates.


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