How to Key for D Sharp on a Flute

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D sharp needs to be keyed in a very specific way when you're playing it on the flute. Learn how to key for D sharp on a flute with help from the holder of a Master's in Flute Performance in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Alison Olsen. I'm a professional flute player in Utah. We're here at Summer Haze music center in Murray, Utah. We're going to be helping you develop some tips and tricks to become a better flute player. Now we'll discuss how to finger a D sharp on a flute. So for D sharp, you're going to use almost every single finger to play it. There's three different D sharps you can play. The first one is a low D sharp, the first register. Then there's a second register, and then a third register. First register and the third register are almost the same fingering, but every single one is just slightly different. There's one finger difference on about every single one. So for a low D, you're going to have all fingers down in your left hand except your pinky. So your pinky will either be up or just resting on your keys. And then in your right hand, you'll have every finger down including your pinky. You'll have every finger down except for your left pinky. So it'll sound like this. Then for a middle D, on your second register, you're going to keep that same low D that we just played, but lift your first finger on your left hand. So your first finger will be up and your left pinky will be up too. But your right hand will stay the exact same. So it'll sound like this. Then for the third register D, you're going to have every single finger down including your left pinky. So your first finger is down, and your left pinky is down, and your right hand is all down too. So it'll sound like this. And you have to use faster air so that it will speak and not player a lower register. So it'll sound like this. I'm Alison Olsen at Summer Haze music center, and we just talked about how to finger a D sharp on a flute.


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