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You can improve the general taste of boxed gluten-free cakes in a number of different ways depending on your preferences. Make boxed gluten-free cakes taste better with help from a professional food writer in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Jacqueline Raposo of Gluten-free and allergy alternative recipes can be a little bit frustrating and can make for one very, very messy kitchen, but I hope my updated classics and fun flavor combinations show you that with a little bit of mess, a lot of fun and a whole lot of love, even a dusty baker can produce delectable results. Here we go. So a gluten free mocha torte from a box. That's what we're making. We're basically taking a gluten free dark chocolate boxed cake and we're adding some really really delicious things to it and serving it in a really fun way so it's going to be both decadent and extremely elegant. So I'm going to show you two ways to bake it from the one mix. I have an eleven inch torte pan here that I've buttered and then dusted with cocoa powder and then just to show you another way that you can present this if you have multiple little pans, this is a four inch spring form pan here that same thing, I just buttered it and then dusted it with cocoa powder. So I'll show you two ways to serve that later. So first I'm going to take my box cake and basically what I'm doing is just sort of substituting certain things in what the instructions on the back of the box say. They're all going to be different. They're going to have different blends of gluten free flours in them so basically any boxed gluten free chocolate cake you can make this torte out of. So first I have the dark chocolate cake mix. To that I am adding one packet of chocolate pudding mix. So far this is making a completely dairy-free recipe. If I were going to instead of buttering my pans I could just use a cooking spray. This entire cake would be completely dairy-free as well. So I'm adding the pudding mix to my boxed cake mix which basically is going to just make it that much richer and that much more chocolaty. So there we go and then I'm adding one teaspoon of ground cinnamon. If you wanted to make this a little bit spicy you could add some sort of chili powder or cayenne or a mesquite flour to it. So that's part one of doctoring up our box mix. I'm going to lay that aside. Now the box mix that I used called for one and a third cups water, instead, I'm using unsweetened almond milk. Again that's just going to add another layer of richness to it. It's going to make a denser cake and a slightly slightly sweeter cake because unsweetened almond milk does have a tiny bit of sweetness from the almonds themselves. The brand that I'm using does not have any sort of gum in it. Some brands you'll notice will have locust bean gum in them and what locust bean gum does is just sort of help pull the milk together and so we don't want that for our cake. So this is one and one thirds cup of unsweetened almond milk. To that I'm going to add one tablespoon of instant coffee. I love adding coffee to chocolate recipes because it just gives it another layer of dimension. So we're making coffee milk, so um, I love coffee and chocolate. So we already have coffee and cinnamon and chocolate. So to my standing mixer now I'm basically following the instructions on the box. So first I'm adding two thirds cup of oil and I'm going to start beating that together and then two teaspoons of vanilla extract and then my entire cup and a third of milk. I'm actually going to increase the speed to medium so that it starts emulsifying within the oil and it all comes together. Right now it's a little bit separate. It will all come together. Oh the coffee smells so good already and then I have four large eggs here that are at room temperature and I slightly warmed my milk a little bit. For any sort of cake recipe having your ingredients at room temperature or warm is just going to help them not shock when you put them together and into a hot oven so that they're going to rise without rising and then falling. So I have four large eggs here and I'm going to put in, I cracked them all into a bowl already but I'm going to put them in sort of one at a time and I'm going to make sure that they're well blended in before I add a second one. Oh the coffee smells so good. So there we go. So now all my eggs are in. I'm just going to scrape around, it's really smooth and creamy. It's got a beautiful coffee color to it. And so now I'm going to slowly add my flour mix in and put it on medium low to be safe and let it set in a little bit before I put the rest in, to this side. So it's almost in there so I'm going to scrape one more time, make sure I get all of this mix in. I love that I can already smell the coffee and the cinnamon and the chocolate. Now I can't see any more flour so I'm going to take my whisk off and then I'm just going to use my spatula to make sure everything is on the inside. Move my mix out of the way. So it's still a little bit lumpy which is totally fine. There's a little bit of flour on the bottom. So for this particular recipe because I'm using a dark metal pan, I'm pre-heating my oven to 325 degrees and because this is rather wide and because I have two sizes in the oven at the same time, I'm going to check at around 15 minutes just to make sure to possibly rotate and then after that I'm going to check at around 20. So here I have two tablespoons of raw cacao. I'm going to put one tablespoon about, you know you're estimating right into the mix there and folding that in. This gives us again another layer of cocoa to it, having the raw seeds in there and then also I'm going to sprinkle the rest on the top and that's going to give us a great crunch too. So I'm going to very elegantly pour this into my eleven inch torte pan right in the middle and let it come out to the sides and then I'm going to pour a nice little amount into my Springform as well. So that's about half to three quarters of the way full in there. I've done this before with the entire amount of cake in the torte pan. I've done it putting some in the torte pan and some in smaller pans. They freeze really well too which I love. So you can make some smaller ones and then freeze them and then pop them in the microwave. Um, I can really smell cinnamon and chocolate and the coffee in here, it's great. Alright, so now it's already pretty smooth. I don't have to do much actually to smooth it out. I'm just going to shake the pan a little bit and tap it and then just sprinkle the rest of my raw cacao on top. So it's going to settle in a tiny bit. You're going to be able to see some pieces will remain on top, some pieces will fall into it, some on my little guy too. I like chocolate, because I'm crazy, there we go. So, my tortes are ready to go into the oven so like I said, 325 degrees, about 15 minutes, I'm going to check them and then I'll know when they are done when they're just slightly springy in the center but nice and firm around the outside. So our boxed cake, this one took about 35 minutes in the oven. I've used other brands that are only 18, 22 minutes. So you just want to keep an eye on the cake as it's in there. So I've plated our first one already which I'm very excited about. I think it's a very romantic cake for two. It's perfectly springy to the touch. I've made some fresh whipped cream literally just by putting a pint of heavy whipping cream into my mixer and it takes two minutes to whip it up. I didn't even add any sugar or anything. I dusted the plate with a little bit of cocoa powder and then on top I sifted a little bit of white powdered sugar onto it, two tabs of whipped cream, some fruit, it's beautiful and I'm just going to, I'm going to destroy it by showing you how beautiful it is inside. So there we go, right like that, so it's light and fluffy, very dark, very rich, wonderfully decadent. Thank you so much for joining me. I'm Jacqueline Raposo. For more gluten-free and allergy friendly recipes, join me at Thanks.


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