Activities for Text Structure for Kids

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Text structure is something you should start teaching kids as early as possible. Find out about activities for text structure for kids with help from a professional reading and English tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tina Gutierrez. I'm an English teacher, and today I'll be discussing with you different activities to teach students about text structures. Now it's important before you begin any lesson that you clarify with the students what text structures are and text structures are a term that we use often for describing ways that an author organizes information in a text. Clarify with them that there are different types of genres. The most common genres are usually going to be your fiction and non-fiction. These have very clear differences in the style and the ways that the author organizes the text whereas fiction, very common you have settings, you have characters, you have plot, non-fiction is more technical it has compare and contrast, it's expository, it is quite different. So clarify with them beforehand, before you do the games. Now when you're doing a text structure game, make sure that you prepare a little bit of this beforehand to make sure it is a smooth process. The first one is called the mixed bags game. Mixed bags is where you take whether it cloth or paper bag, anything that you have, and you organize inside the bags different books that reflect the different styles and genres. So perhaps in one bag you will put a fiction book about Danny the Dolphin and alongside that book you'll put an excerpt from an encyclopedia article, a non-fiction about dolphins. Have the students, you know, share their observations with each other, pull the books out, try to figure out what's the difference between these text structures and then have them present their findings. The second thing you can do is an old fashioned report and you can do this through groups, you can do this individually, it's up to you. The most basic thing you want to get out of this is that they see the differences between the elements. The report can be a handout, you know, ask them questions, what did you see was the difference between this essay and this narrative that they read. Once again, have them share their experiences whether it's a presentation in class, discussion, back and forth in a circle, that's up to you but those are just ways that you can really get a good idea of the text structures in different types of texts. Anyways, once again that was how to teach text structures for kids. My name is Tina.


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