Fourth-Grade Games & Activities on Sentences & Sentence Fragments

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Games and activities are sometimes the best way to teach students about things like sentences and sentence fragments in an engaging way. Learn about fourth-grade games and activities on sentences and sentence fragments with help from a professional reading and English tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Tina Gutierrez, I'm an English teacher, and today I'll be discussing some fourth grade games that you can play in the classroom that involve sentences and sentence fragments. Now, with sentence fragments, they can be pretty boring because you know, grammar isn't the most exciting think for some people. But you can make it active it you do it in partners. And one of the first partner games involves doing a song game. Partnering to the students up with each other and having them practice coming up with song titles, singing the song titles to the other person and then that person has to determine where it's a fragment in the title or if it's a complete sentence. So, if the song is I Will Always Love You, that would be considered a complete sentence and then the partner would have to tell them, oh, OK, that's a complete sentence. They can kind of go back and forth, or points, that's something that's up to you. But that's a pretty fun one for sentences and fragments. Another one you can do is the strips on paper game. It's not a very clever name, but the strips on paper game involves, you have to do some preparation beforehand, where you take little strips, put on one, fragments and on the strips put, complete independent clauses, which are complete sentences. Distribute these papers amongst the classroom. Make sure every student has a fragment or an independent clause. Then have them go around the room and have them try to match up fragments with independent clauses. This usually comes up with some pretty crazy wild sentence. You might have you know, since he shaved his head, the girl walked in to a puddle of Jello. Pretty funny, the kids usually get a kick out of it. But that's something else you can do. Finally the last thing you can do is do the pairs game. Pairs game is very similar to the strips on paper game. That is where you can come up with, instead of independent clauses, with fragments, the pairs game has to partner up and do predicates on one strip and subjects on another. So, if you have on one strip of paper, says, the dog, and then have another strip of paper that says, smells like spaghetti, you know, have him walk around and then just try to match up sentences and make silly sentences together. So, whereas this one is just subjects and predicates joined together, this one, the strips on the page has the independent clauses with usually dependent clauses, things that need something to become complete. Either way, they're pretty enjoyable for the kids. They get a kick out of it. But overall it should be a fun time. Once again, my name is Tina, and that was fun ways that you can do sentence and sentence fragments games.


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