How to Hand Sew a Chiffon Dress Hem

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Sewing a chiffon dress hem isn't nearly as complicated as you might be assuming. Learn how to sew a chiffon dress hem with help from an award-winning, modern American fashion designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sandra Garratt from Sandra Garratt Design at and today we're going to be talking about how to sew a chiffon hem by hand. So today we're going to be talking about some tips on how to sew a chiffon hem by hand and also you can do this by machine. I would recommend though working by hand. It's very easy to do. It's simple but you'll need some patience and a couple of materials. One thing you'll need are some very fine hand sewing needles. You can get a pack of these at your local store but the good quality really makes a difference. So you'll need that and you'll also need a good quality fine sewing thread and a pair of sewing scissors, the small ones are good for this type of work and I'm working with silk chiffon. This would also apply to working with silk georgette which has a little bit more of a crepe twist to the fabric. The same thing would hold true for a synthetic if you're using a polyester but today we're working with the silk. First thing in this case I've done a machine edge, if your sewing machine has a hemmer on it, it's just a simple manner of running it through and turning it. But I think the hemming on the chiffon it's very nice and easy to do by hand and to do this, let me take a fresh piece, the technique on this is simply, and this takes a little bit of dexterity while you're doing it is you start to roll your edge and I'm using a very big needle here just for purposes of demonstration. So as you roll it, you get your needle and you make a very slight pickup in there and then you run it through your hem and of course don't forget to knot the end of your thread. So as we go along you just keep rolling, twisting and rolling and then picking up and at a slight diagonal angle, your thread. Now of course, using a fine needle and yarn this should be almost invisible and as you go along, you just simply keep turning and twisting and picking up that rolled hem and securing that down with a very as small of a stitch as you can get. So thanks for joining me and I hope you learned some tips on how to sew a chiffon hem.


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