How to Help a Cat With a Sore Throat

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A sore throat can be a really painful and uncomfortable time for a cat. Learn how to help a cat with a sore throat with help from a dynamic, holistic and conventional veterinarian in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Q with, and today we're going to talk about whether or not your cat has a sore throat. Well, how do you even know if your cat has a sore throat? Well, the first thing that you might see is a change in their meow. So, just like that, exactly. So, if you notice any significant changes in the sounds that your kitty is making, that might indicate that your cat has a sore throat. So, what could cause a sore throat in a cat? Well, meowing on off a lot one day might cause a sore throat especially if a cat say not neuter or spayed and spent the night out or was locked in somewhere where they weren't supposed to be and spent a lot of time crying, trying to ask for help; they might have a sore throat. Medical causes for one cat might have a sore throat, include possibly related to an upper respiratory infection, maybe heart condition causing some coughing that might lead to a sore throat. Also, a cat after surgery could possibly have a sore throat from the endotracheal tube that was passed down into their wind pipe during surgery. Sometimes these pets wake up, oh, with a little bit of sore throat. So, what can you do if your cat has a sore throat. Well, a sore throat in a cat is pretty unusual and something that you really probably want to have your veterinarian take a look at and just make sure that your vet listens to your cat's heart and lungs, looks inside the mouth, make sure that it doesn't look like there's anything abnormal growing or lodged in there. So, if you notice anything like that, again, it's pretty unusual. So, I would suggest going to the veterinarian right away and having that looked at. Then, if you do have it looked at and nothing is found to be wrong or if it just seems to be maybe a little mild upper respiratory infection or something along those signs, one thing that you can do that's kind of helpful to help these guys recover would be a humidifier such as this one, little moist heat going into the nasal passages, softening things up, can help the tissues heal faster. Now, certainly if you try that first and that you are getting a response in a day or two and certainly if your kitty is sick and were not eating or vomiting or something like that along with the change in their voice, then that's definitely something you want to get to your veterinarian for right away. So, today, we have talked about what to do if you think that your kitty cat has a sore throat. Hopefully, I've given you some ideas on what to look for and why it's important to go to your veterinarian if you suspect you have that problem. Thank you for tuning in today, I'm Dr. Q and the rest is up to you.


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