Transferring From an iPad to a MacBook

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Transferring from an iPad to a MacBook is something you can do in just a few quick moments. Learn about transferring from an iPad to a MacBook with help from an Apple certified technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Chase Thompson-Baugh with Simply Mac, your local source for everything Apple. We're a Utah based Apple specialist with eight stores in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. And today we're going to show you some more quick tips on the iPad that I know you're just going to love. And now I'm going to show you how you can transfer documents or files from your iPad to your MacBook or other computer. So if you'd like to transfer a file from your iPad to say, your computer, you can do this a couple different ways. Some applications have built in ability to transfer to other ones. Other ones have the ability of transferring to email. So if I tap on Edit here in pages, say I want to send this one, I have the ability of sending this to my email. I also have the ability of sending it to the iDisk if you're still a Mobile Me user, Web Dab or iTunes. And basically you can pick it up from there. I'm going to tap email, and i can send it in a variety of formats. I'll just select PDF. And then I can type in somebody's email address and send off this document. Now if I don't want to send it to an email address but maybe to another service like Dropbox or Air Sharing or something like that, what I can do is actually have a document in some of these other ones, like say PDF expert and I can tap on say this arrow and say Open In. Several applications have this Open In option. I know PDF Expert does, there's also another one called Quick Office HD Pro which allows you to edit and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents that you can also send to an Open In. If you tap Open In it's going to go ahead and ask you what application you want this in. These are all the applications currently installed on your iPad that have the ability of reading this type of file. So if you don't see the one that you want in the list you probably don't have that application installed or you need to get another application that will work with these types of files. I'm going to go ahead and just tap Drop Box, and it's asking me where do you want to put this. So I already have a folder called iPad and I'll just put it there and tap upload. Since I have done this before it asks me to overwrite the original file and that's okay. And then I will have the newest version in Drop Box. If Drop Box is also installed on my computer i can now access this file. Another thing that we could have done, really quickly, is I could say Open In and choose Air Sharing. Air Sharing is another great application that allows me to store files in it. It reads a variety of formats and then it gives me an address right here that I can type in on my computer and access that file. My iPad and my computer do have to be on the same WiFi network but then I would be able to grab this file and I wouldn't have to plug in my iPad to any other device. Again, I'm Chase Thompson-Baugh with Simply Mac and I've shown you how you can transfer documents from your iPad to MacBook or other computer.


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