How to Share WiFi on iPads & iPods

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Sharing WiFi on iPads and iPods is a great way to get all of your devices connected to the same network. Share WiFi on iPads and iPods with help from an Apple certified technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Chase Thompson-Baugh with Simply Mac, your local source for everything Apple. We're a Utah based Apple specialist with eight stores in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. And today we're going to show you some more quick tips on the iPad that I know you're just going to love. And now I'm going to tell you how you can share WiFi on iPads and iPods. So if you want to share the WiFi between your iPad and your iPod basically what you would need is something like a WiFi access point. Now normally that's just your router in your house. So you'll see that I'm on WiFi right now with this iPad. And I may have other iPads or other iPods on the same WiFi network, and then they're all using the same one. If you want to use a WiFi on the go and you want to share that between iPods and iPads you need something called a personal hot spot. Now a personal hot spot is generally no bigger than a deck of cards and what it does is it connects up to a cell phone network and then allows you to access that cell phone network over a WiFI connection. So that little card sized device will broadcast a WiFi connection that your iPad can connect up to. Now also, if you happen to have an iPhone you can also hook your iPhone up as a WiFi hot spot as well. It generally costs about an extra $20 a month. So if that's not something you're interested in then maybe you shouldn't do it. You can also, if you do have that WiFi hot spot, you can hook up computers or other devices like Android phones and if they're all in the same network you can also use applications, gaming applications, to play against each other on the same network. There are several of them in the App Store. You just go to App Store, look under categories, and look under games, right there, you'll find several applications that can use a WiFi network and play against each other on different devices. But that's how you're going to go ahead and do that. Again, I'm Chase Thompson-Baugh with Simply Mac and I've just shown you how you can share WiFi using your iPad or iPod or other devices.


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