How to Delete a Bookmark on the iPad in a Folder

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Deleting a bookmark on the iPad in a folder is something you can do with your fingers in a very specific way. Learn how to delete a bookmark on the iPad in a folder with help from an Apple certified technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Chase Thompson-Baugh with Simply Mac, your local source for everything Apple. We're a Utah based Apple specialist with eight stores in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming and today we're going to show you some more quick tips on the iPad that I know you're just going to love. Now I'm going to show you how to you can delete bookmarks on your iPad. So, let's hop into Safari. If we want to delete a bookmark inside of here, basically what we need to do is tap on the little book. In fact,let's go ahead and let's look at creating a bookmark first. So I'm going to come here and I'm just going to type in So now that it's loaded I'm going to tap on this little arrow. You would think the book but it's actually the arrow. We're going to add a bookmark. Now this bookmark I'm going to go ahead and just give it a name. It already has a pretty long one but I like to keep things fairly short and I recommend you do too so where it's going to go is just to the bookmarks folder but if I tap on that you can see there's a couple different places I can put it. I'm going to put it in the bookmark's menu right now. So now if I tap on this open book I can tap on the bookmark's menu and right down here I have Simply Mac, perfect. But, if down the road I decide I don't want a bookmark there anymore, I'm going to go ahead and tap on it and I'm going to tap edit. So Simply Mac is okay to stay there but maybe like eBay because I have the dedicated eBay app now, I don't need that anymore. So I'm going to tap on this little arrow and it says delete. So this is kind of like your confirmation. This is saying do you want to delete me and I say yes and it says are you sure and I say yes. So now the bookmark is deleted. I can do this for a lot of bookmarks. I can go back. I can do it to these ones as well. These are the ones that Apple has put in for me but you know, Google I don't need because I've got the Google search right there so goodbye and Yahoo I don't really use, so goodbye. And that's how you're going to do that. Again I'm Chase Thompson-Baugh with Simply Mac and I've just shown you how you can delete bookmarks on the iPad.


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