How to Clean & Seal Concrete Floors

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Concrete floors need to be sealed in a very specific way so that they don't absorb moisture. Find out how to clean and seal concrete floors with help from an experienced building manager in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Dustan Balkcom. I'm the building manager here at The Living Light Community Center. Today, we're going to be talking about cleaning and making those concrete floors shine. Now keep in mind concrete is by its very nature, porous and porous things typically don't shine really well. The tighter the pores the more shine you're going to have so we're going to actually talk about adding some wax to that making those things beautiful so they can shine over time and maintain those so that you've got great looking floors. Come on, let's give it a go. Okay, now here are the steps to actually getting your floor clean and then making it shine. We want to start by making sure we mop the area thoroughly, get that all cleaned up, just a typical sweep and mop and then we want to apply our wax to the floor. Now we're going to use at least two coats of wax, maybe three coats of wax if you've got a high traffic area. Don't go crazy with six, seven, eight coats of wax anything like that because you'll just overdo it, just maybe three, tops, four coats of wax and you're set. That's going to give it a nice shine that you can maintain with your buffer in the future and keep that thing all polished up and looking good. Just remember, make sure you're drying 30 minutes between wax coats and again, that wax is just going to be applied with a standard cotton mop. You're going to put that down. Make sure you cover it thoroughly and you get all the corner areas and make sure everything is good there and that concrete floor is going to shine. It's going to look beautiful. Alright, so we learned that the key to making that concrete shine is going to be a nice coat of wax on there and then maintain that over time. Make sure that you're keeping up with your foot traffic. If you've got a heavily traveled area, you want to make sure you're maintaining it more often. If it's lightly traveled, you just don't have to worry about it quite as much. Again, my name is Dustan. I'm the building manager here and you learned today about cleaning and maintaining, keeping them shining, those concrete floors.


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