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When preparing creole gumbo, rule number one is that you start with the rue. Find out how to make gumbo with help from a celebrity chef and cookbook author in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Carolyn Shelton, Chef Carolyn Shelton. My maw maw used to always say when the gumbo pot boils, friendships blossom and that's what we're preparing today. We're preparing a creole gumbo and you know, with the gumbo, you start with the roux. Okay we got the roux going, this is the color. Sometimes you might choose to make it darker so you would just let it cook a little longer, maybe another 20 or 30 minutes. The next major step are the vegetables, the onions, the garlic, the celery, the bell peppers. So what you're going to do is add your vegetables to your roux. We're making a creole gumbo so what you're doing here, you're sauteing your wonderful vegetables, fresh vegetables, onion, garlic, bell peppers, we call that the trinity. So you're combining all those wonderful vegetables inside the rue and you're going to let that saute for maybe I would say maybe five minutes. So here we have the beginning stages of making the gumbo, the roux, the vegetables and the next thing we're going to add is the stock water. If you're making a chicken gumbo, you want to use chicken stock. If you're making a seafood gumbo, you want to use seafood stock. For this seafood stock that I've made because I've combined chicken and sausages and shrimp, I use a seafood stock, the shells of my shrimp boiled down to this consistency and I'm going to add that to my roux mix here and I'm going to let that all blend together and let all of those flavors marry as we say in Louisiana and at this point, I'm going to take a seasoning, now I will say a tablespoon of creole seasoning. You can add a little cayenne pepper but most of your creole seasonings have the cayenne and all the other wonderful ingredients in it. So you're going to let this cook down and after this cooks down then I'm going to add it to my big pot with all the other goodies in it the sausages, the crabs and the chicken. This is the beginning stages of making a creole gumbo. Now it's time to transfer my rue mixture to the big pot. In the big pot I have my chicken, sausages and some other crags. Now we're about to add the roux to the main gumbo pot. So all you do is transfer it like so. Since this is a creole gumbo, you know, you can get creative yourself. I'm adding shrimp, some crabs and we're going to do that right now. And what you might want to do from this point, you start tasting it to see if it's where you want it, you add your creole seasoning because remember, a recipe is sometimes in the palette. So you might want to just kind of sample, taste it a little bit and then let this cook for I'd say another 30 minutes and you'll be ready to enjoy a wonderful creole gumbo.


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