How to Create Business Cards With Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word can be used to create business cards by opening a table and making columns that are 3 1/2 inches wide. Discover how to add clip art to a business card on Microsoft Word with help from a software developer in this free video on tech support.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Dave Andrews. Today I'm going to show you how to create business cards with Microsoft Word. Let's go to our computer and just open up Word. Go to "All Programs", "Office", and let's find Word. Now what we're going to do is in the default page here, we're going to insert a table. We want to make this table about two columns, or two, yeah, two columns and maybe four or five rows, or how many I can fit on a single page. Now let's take this little divider here, and I'm going to drag it out until it shows that it's at three and a half on the ruler. And the other one is six and a half, because starting at three and a half to six and a half because we want our, we want our business cards to be about three and a half inches wide, maybe a little smaller and about two inches tall. Let's take the other one and drag it down until it's about two inches tall. So this is basically the container where we're going to put our business cards, or the text that's on our business cards rather. So let's just put something here in kind of a large font. I'm just going to type something into it. Dave Andrews and then we're going to have Expert Extraordinaire, and my website and telephone number. And let's put some kind of clip art in here. Let's go to insert, clip art, and I'm going to search for clown. That's kind of fitting. And we want to include the Microsoft Office web clip art search because you want to have something kind of interesting on your clip art. I'm just going to grab one of these clown guys here and drag him over. Kind of resize that a little bit to where it will fit in there well. Now let's take this basically, and we want to copy this card that we've just built to all of these others just like that. Fit as many as you can on a single page. Looks like you're going to get a row of about three by two there it looks like, and let's delete the other rows by deleting these cells. You want to delete the entire row and then again delete cells, delete entire row. Now if we were to print this out onto some good, strong card stock paper, we could take that card stock and then cut out with a pair of scissors or some kind of paper cutter each one of these individual business cards and hand them out to people. My name's Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to make a business card with Microsoft Word.


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