How to Use Word Phrases to Remember Multiplication Tables

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One way to teach yourself to successfully remember multiplication tables is through the use of helpful word phrases. Use word phrases to remember multiplication tables with help from a longtime mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jimmy Chang and we're here to talk about how to use word phrases to remember multiplication tables. Now, there's going to be certain words that'll help you remember such tables but, the, the important thing is of course to keep drilling the multiplication tables because you'll be using them quite a bit, not just in the Pre-Algebra but also in Algebra, Calculus, etcetera. Now, here's some illustrations as to some words that you can use to help you remember them. Now, one word to think about is Doubling. Now, doubling off, you know, really means multiplying by two, adding a sum to itself. So, idea here is you multiply by two whenever you see the word double. Now, similarly, if you think about the word triple, you tripling something, that means you're multiplying by three. So, you're talking about, thinking about your three times tables. So, if you have, if you have the number four and you're tripling it, you're multiplying by three which is going to give you 12. There's going to be some other words like quadruple which is going to involve multiplication by four. Now, are those the only kinds of words to think about for multiplication? Well, here's some other ones to really think about. You may have heard of the word tenfold; that means you're multiplying by ten. But, ten is pretty easy by itself, but if you want to think of it as another example, sevenfold, sometimes and quantity will increase by sevenfold that means there's multiplication by seven. So, there's actually a variety of words out there that you can use a lot of them and in everyday life that will help you remember the multiplication tables. So, I'm Jimmy Chang and there are few examples on how to use word phrases to remember multiplication tables.


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