How to Cut a T-Shirt in Creative Ways

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Cutting a t-shirt can be accomplished in a wide variety of different creative ways depending on your preferences. Find out how to cut a t-shirt in creative ways with help from a independent clothing and graphic designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Gaby with, and today I'm going to show you how to cut a T-shirt in creative ways. I would start with a shirt that fits you, that you like the fit of, because that way it'll be easier, because you know the structure of the shirt is perfect for you, fits you fine. Just keep in mind your shoulder seams, your neckline, and your side seams. Keep the structure of your T-shirt. So when you do cutting, just keep that in mind. So if we do work with the neckline, we want to keep it in proportion by either cutting around the stitch line from the front and the back, or keeping the stitch line and coming outside, just... as long as you cut outside the stitch line, you're okay. We're going to fold the center. We're going to make a little cut center front of the neck. And we're just going to cut a very slight V. This kind of gives you a little notched neck. So we kept most of the stitching here, even though we cut past that, we kept most of the structure. You can create designs inside the shirt by just folding, and just cutting. And I'm just freestyling right now, so this is going to be fun to see how it comes out. So I'm keeping that stitch line in tact and just cutting into the body. Okay. I've got to fix this. Okay. Now, we're going to work with the shoulders. So we want to keep a shoulder seam so we have it sitting well on our shoulders, but we can still cut within it, so we're going to do a cut out shoulder by cutting mid shoulder, about... you're doing about an inch and then you're curving out into the sleeve. And you can use this as the template on the next shoulder. You can just lay that on there. Okay, so we have cut out shoulders. And then we can do some fun stuff down the center front. So fold, find your center front. Match your side seams and your shoulder seams. And in this case you can match your neckline in the front. And we're just going to cut very tiny, tiny, tiny slits. And this gives it like a, kind of a lace, lattice look to it. Okay. And then you can stretch those little slits horizontally, and you'll see the fabric roll. So basically we cut into the shirt in very different ways, but we kept the structure of the shoulder seam and the side seams and the neckline. So you see we kept the structure of the shirt. Even though we cut within the body, we still have our shoulder seam, our neckline, and our side seams intact. And that is how you cut a T-shirt in creative ways. If you'd like more tips, you can visit Thanks for watching!


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