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Reverse calf leather requires you to keep a few important things in mind, especially when it comes to how you care for it. Care for reverse calf leather with help from a third generation owner of Arrow Leathercare in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Bruce Gershon with Arrow Leathercare, and today we're going to talk about the care of reverse calf leather. What is reverse calf leather? Well, reverse in this case refers to the flesh side of the animal's hide. In this case, this is the flesh side of a piece of cowhide, calf would be a younger animal, the skin would be a little thinner, softer. And what reverse refers to is that it has a finish on it and it's a pigment finish on the suede side to make it appear like grain leather. Now, the grain side in this case, the grain is the side of the leather that the hair has been removed from. And you can see a little place; this is a, a piece of shearling lamb that you can see a little place where there's no hair in the animal skin. With all grain leather, the hair has been removed with a, a process in the, in the tanning process to remove the hair. And so, this is an example of shearling, this is a shearling lamb, you can see the hair, so the grain of the leather is actually under the hair. So, how can this side be a smooth leather? Well, they use a process to put a pigment on that, what, what would naturally be a sueded side and put a, a finish on it, pigment type finish to make it look like a grain leather. So, this is, this is a, a natural grain with a waxy finish; this is what we call nappa shearlilng and it's very, it would be very similar to the reverse calf. Very simple, you would use, you know, something like a baby wipe, a damp cloth to wipe it off. It is not going to be quite as durable as a, a grain leather with a finish on it. So, at some point, there, the wear will actually end up, you're going to have areas of wear that will suede and at that point a professional leather cleaner can help you renew that finish, put, put the nappa type finish back on the leather for you. That's all I have today on reverse calf. My name is Bruce Gershon, thanks for watching.


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