Team Building Activities Using Marshmallows & Toothpicks

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Marshmallows and toothpicks, though they may not seem like it, can be essential tools to use during team building activities at work. Learn about team building activities using marshmallows and toothpicks with help from a professional certified mediator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Vivian Scott, author of "Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies" and co-creator of: Trying to come up with yet another team-building exercise can make even the most advanced event planner crazy but props can help and 2 of my favorite props are marshmallows and toothpicks. They're readily available, they're inexpensive and you know lets face it during a break they can also substitute for a snack. I like to think of team building exercises, particularly around these 2 items in 3 different categories. The first category is the build something anything category. The Internet is full of instructions that you can download to build you know domes or any kind of thing. Go ahead and cheat a little bit and download some instructions and then think about the purpose of the team building within your group. So if sales and accounting aren't necessarily getting along you're going to want to go ahead and structure the, the team building exercise and make sure that they are people from sales and accounting in a group as well as you know defining some of, some of the other rules that will go with this build something, build anything category. The second category is what I call the give them something to talk about category. Provide some instructions that maybe have a few pieces missing that will elicit some conversation with the group. For instance, you could say okay each group needs to build a vehicle that can accommodate 2 or more people, it's comfortable and it's safe and then let the imaginations go wild. Set a time frame and then don't answer anymore questions, have the people in the group be able to work together to figure out and define are they building a school bus or are they going to make a rocket ship, let them decide and have fun with it. The third category and this may feel like cheating but it actually requires the most amount of creativity and teamwork and that is the put the work on them category and what you're going to want to do is just put the marshmallows and the toothpicks in the middle of the table and sit them down and let them know that they have a certain amount of time to come up with a team building exercise using those, those materials and those props and then sit back and watch the fun happen. I'm Vivian Scott, author of "Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies" and co-creator of:


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