How to Convert an L-Shaped Countertop From Square Feet to Linear Feet

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Making a conversion from square feet to linear feet has a wide variety of different applications. Find out how to convert an L-shaped countertop from square feet to linear feet with help from a high school mathematics tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov. I'm a math teacher and today we're going to learn how to convert an L-shaped countertop from square feet to linear feet. Now, the problem with that is that square feet do not break down into linear feet in just one way. For example, here is a rectangle, and if you have four feet by three feet, well, this square feet is twelve. It's four times three, square feet. But you can also have another rectangle of six by two, and this would be twelve square feet, because this also six times two equals twelve. So, what you need to do to figure out your L-shaped countertop is you actually need to measure the linear dimensions. For example, here is an L-shaped countertop. Let's say this is six feet. This here is two. This is four. This is two, and this would be two and four. So, to figure out the area, well, you'd have two basic rectangles. You'd have this rectangle, which is four by two. So, this would be eight square feet. And then here you have two by four which is eight square feet. And that would be a total of sixteen square feet, which it's not very easy to go from sixteen square feet back to six by two by four by two by two by four. So, you need to measure the linear length separately. You can't just figure out the square footage of an L-shaped countertop, because it's not that intuitive. So, I'm Charlie Kasov, and you just learned about square feet and linear feet when it comes to L-shaped countertops. Thanks a lot.


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